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Puang Champa Project


The city of Luang Prabang, since its classification as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site, has seen its economy and tourism rapidly grow. From the cultural perspective, the classification ought not diminish the need to continue to defend, to preserve, to promote, and a priori to contribute to the controlled evolution of Luang Prabang’s rich heritage. The gold thread embroidery of Luang Prabang is likely to be inducted into UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage of Humanity and to become the living voice of the history, the culture, and the identity of the region - one with a unique historical and cultural past.

Project Objectives

The principal objective of The House of Puang Champa is to preserve, to promote, and to transmit the cultural and artistic heritage of Luang Prabang through gold thread embroidery. The House of Puang Champa will give rise to the economic and tourism development of Laos while remaining fully immersed in artistry and creativity. The future of Luang Prabang is intricately linked to the proper management of this opportunity and it is therefore imperative that it leads to lasting development.


The House of Puang Champa will be:
1. A Center for Traditional Arts, including:
    Embroidery (gold thread)
    Ceremonial flower arrangement
    Dance and Music
    Instrument Making

2. A center for local artists to earn a sustainable living while practicing traditional arts

3. A center for teaching and transmitting this heritage (school, galleries, seminars, discussions, and conferences)

About Puang Champa

Over the past couple of years, Puang Champa has grown to over 30 musicians, dancers, and craftsmen spanning over three generations. The group performs locally at weddings, festivals, and private parties. They traveled to Montoire, France in July and August of 2005 to participate in an international folk life festival funded by the Organization for International Folk Festival (CIOFF).

Photographs and Film

France Tour/2005
Puang Champa House - Before and After Renovation
Arts and Crafts/2007
Performances & Demonstrations/2006-2007
Documentary Film/2007

15-Year Projected Costs
   Lease: $27,000
   Renovations: $20,000
   Upkeep: $15,000
   Total: $62,000

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we raised more than $10,000 toward the Puang Champa project. This amount was sufficient to secure a long-term lease for the house. However, much more additional funding is still lacking to ensure a successful future for this very important project. To make donations, please click.


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