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Nov 3, 2007
Benefit Dinner - A Celebration of the Light Festival (End of Buddhist Lent)

Proceeds from this year's benefit dinner will go toward the expansion of LHF's 2008 music program. We were once again honored by the presence of Masters Bounseung Synanonh (kaen) and Khamta Mounisay (lum). They were joined by the Kinnaly Music and Dance Troupe, as well a special guest performer in ranahd and kim, and Mr. Khamphay Meungchanh (vocals). We also featured a recital by the students of our music program. Below are pictures and video clips from the show:

    1. Fon Ouay Pon (Welcoming Dance)
    2. Fon Mang Pue (Bumble Bee Dance)
    3. Fon Dahb (Sword Dance)
    4. Kaen Solo - Lao Xieng Tien
    5. Kaen Solo - Long Kong (Ode to the Mekong)
    6. Kaen Solo - Lom Putt Pai (Bamboo In the Wind)
    7. Fon Lao Lan Xang (Lan Xang Dance)
    8. Fon Champa Meuang Lao (Plumeria of Laos Dance)
    9. Music Program Recital
    10. Lum Long
    11. Lum Konsawun
    12. Lum Wong
    13. Lum Peun
    14. Lum Sarawun

Sept 15, 2007
LHF Third Annual Cultural Show

This year's show featured 22 performers from five states. We were honored to have our two beloved music masters, Bounseung Synanonh and Thongtanh Souvannapanh, share the stage for the first time. They were joined by their students from the Washington, DC area and folk singers ('maw lum') from California and Arizona. They were also joined by very talented classical dancers from Kinnaly of Seattle, WA and the Laotian Community Center (LCC) of Rhode Island. The show was focused on traditional music and dance, as a way to raise awareness about LHF's music and dance progams. LCC representatives also made a presentation on their efforts to raise funds for a new cultural center in Rhode Island. Below are video clips and pictures from the show:

Masters Synanonh and Souvannapanh
Classical Dance
Folk Music ('Lum')
LCC Presentation

August 11-19, 2007 pictures
LHF launched a pilot program in traditional music in Seattle, WA.

July 4-8, 2007 pictures
Performances at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
  National Mall, Washington, DC

For the first time, Laos was represented at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Master 'saw' player Thongtanh Souvannapanh and his troupe performed Lao traditional music in the "Roots of Virginia" cultural program. Master kaen player Bounseung Synanonh and his troupe performed folk music ('lum') in the "Mekong River" program. Their performances represent ed Southern Laos, including 'lum siphandon', 'lum tung wai', 'lum sarawun', 'lum sohm', 'lum konsawun', 'lum putai', and 'lum ban sawk'. The schedule of events in which LHF participated was as follows:

July 4 12:15PM-1:00PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 4 2:30-3:15PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 512:00-1:00PM Lao Traditional Music (Lao Deuam) Tudor Rose StageVirginia Roots
July 5 1:45-2:30PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 52:45-3:30PM Lao Traditional Music (Lao Deuam) Willow StageVirginia Roots
July 5 3:30-4:15PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 55:00-5:30PMCultural SwapDogwood StageVirginia Roots
July 6 11:30-12:15PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 6 2:30-3:15PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 7 1:30-2:15PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 7 3:00-3:45PM Kaen and LumNew Moon StageMekong
July 81:00-3:45PMMekong-American Cultural PerformanceNine Dragon StageMekong

Highlights of the event include a fusion of Lao music with Cambodian music, as well as American Bluegrass.
Master Bounseung Synanonh performed with legendary traditional Cambodian musician Kong Nay,
as well as with Bluegrass legend and National Heritage fellow Wayne Henderson, and Helen White.

June 19, 2007
Kinnaly Performed at International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Seattle, WA
  6:00 - 9:30 pm

Kinnaly performed at the Capitol Hill Arts Center Showroom in honor of World Refugee Day.  Titled Artvocacy, this was a show by refugee artists to share their work and culture with the community.  This year’s show included performances from Laotian and Bosnian dance troupes, and featured artists from around the world.  The event was sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Art and Cultural Affairs, Humanities Washington, the Capitol Hill Arts Center, and ARTech. For more information, please visit www.kinnalydance.com

May 4, 2007
Cultural Reception at the Second International Conference on Lao Studies
  Twin Palms Hotel, Phoenix AZ

The event featured traditional music and dance performed by Kinnaly Dance Troupe and local Maw Lum and Maw Kaen pictures  videos

April 21, 2007
Launching of Pacific Northwest Chapter pictures
  Ranier Valley Cultural Center, Seattle WA

The event featured an exhibition of gold-thread embroidery of the Luang Prabang court by Tiao Nithakhong Somsanith, traditional music and dance by Kinnaly, and contemporary Lao textitles by Keomontree Douanbupha. We were graced by the presence of Darryl Johnson, Former US Ambassador to Thailand, and his wife.


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